Today's Psalms

Celebrating the Trinity

This week, in many churches around the world, Christians will celebrate the Holy Trinity. For some it marks the culmination of the Easter Season, as the Three Persons of the Trinity are revealed in their fulness for the first time in the Church Year.

The Trinity has been described and explained in many ways, but this Sunday and our service isn’t about understanding the concept or the theology – it’s about praise.

Our psalm is Psalm 29, which is one of the great psalms of praise, and talks of “everyone in his temple” shouting out “because of his Glory”, a theme which is echoed in the reading from Isaiah, with its image of the Seraphim crying out “Holy, Holy, Holy”.

Our song relates some of mystery – but more than that, the power, love and support – of the Trinity.

And our Opening Antiphon contains, hidden within it, the words ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts’ maybe mirroring the way that the Trinity is hidden within everything which the universe contains.